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Salesforce Tips

Salesforce Tips

Tips to improve your productivity in salesforce


Tip 1 “Ask Force”  When you are stuck with something in #Salesforce and haven't found an answer anywhere, you can always reach out to the #SalesforceOhana community on Twitter using #askforce hasthag, and somebody will help you out.

Tip 2 “Add additional calendars”  If you have dates you want to track in an object (Invoices or car maintenance schedule) you can create a calendar to display those items in your #Salesforce Calendar. Check out the instructions here: So easy and super helpful!!

Tip 3 “Campaigns”  To quickly add contacts to a campaign, create a report w/the contacts you need (contacts from “x” lead source, or where State = CA). Run your report and from the buttons at the top right corner, select Add to Campaign. Select your campaign, the status and voilá! #SalesforceTips

Tip 4 “Chrome extensions”  Did you know there are great #Chrome extensions for #Salesforce? In the Chrome Web Store search for Salesforce, you will see a long list of awesome things to add to your browser and make your Admin or Developer life easier, and most of them are free!

Tip 5 “Kanban”  Use kanban view to know where things are. Pin your favorite list view with the filters you need, then select the kanban view (provided you have a field you can group by, like Opp Stage or a Status) and you will see where each item is in the process.

Tip 6 “Density”  Change your Density to view as much information as possible. In the top right corner, click on your picture and you will see 2 options for your screen layout: Comfy and Compact. Select compact if you want to see more in the same space