Working from home tips

Working from home tips


Would you like some tips to make the job easier from home?, MQS gives you 12 tips to make your life easier

Tip 1 “Ditch the PJs put on clothes” A great tip to start your day when working from home is to ditch your PJs and put on some other clothes. I've been working from home for almost 10 years now, and this helps me get into "work" mood. No need to put on a suit or high heels, but wearing something different than your pajamas gets you "ready" to start your day.

Tip 2Set up work environment"  When #WFH, having a dedicated space for it is very important. It doesn't matter if it is an entire room or just a desk for your computer and other stuff, as long as you know it is your "work space", and it is comfortable enough to spend your "office hours" there.

Tip 3”Set a work schedule”  Set a work schedule and try to stick to it. When working from home, being near your computer makes it easy to be "available" at any time, which can be invasive in your personal life. Try setting a work schedule, and at the end of your "work day", shut down your computer, or change your IM status to "away". This will create a healthy habit to separate work from personal time.


Tip 4 “Have a time for yourself”  I like this phrase: "help yourself in order to help others". Self-care is not being selfish, it should be a priority for everyone. So dedicate some time for yourself, whether it is 1/2 hour in the morning while everybody is still sleeping or an hour to workout and release all that stress, you should find some "me-time", it will help your mind stay free of stress, you deserve it.

Tip 5 “Reward your hard work”  Reward yourself after doing a hard task, completing that thing you've been procrastinating or after checking off some of your to-dos. Creating a reward system will help you get things done.

Tip 6 “Create a to do list”  Stay Motivated with a list. Creating a to do list can help you stay focused on what you need to do and motivated. Checking off those tasks feels really good.

Tip 7 “Move a little from time to time”  Move a little from time to time. When #WFH you need to take breaks and stand up to stretch often. Working from home can lead to sitting for long periods of time, which is not good for your health. Take a few minutes between meetings or tasks to move around.

Tip 8 “Use time management apps”  Use time management apps. If you have trouble staying focused on the task at hand, use some time management apps, they will help you get more information on when you are more productive and even minimize distractions.

Tip 9 “Be assertive and direct avoid using passive voice”  Be assertive and direct, avoid using passive voice. When communicating in writing, try to convey your message in as little words as possible. This will help avoid any possible misunderstandings. 

Tip 10 “Communicate often”  When #WFH it's easy to lose the casual communication you used to have when working at an office. Try to follow the same communication rituals and habits you used to have to maintain relationships.

Tip 11 “Have a good lighting”  Good lighting is essential when working from home. When #WFH, if possible, use natural light: it diffuses throughout the space, you will feel more engaged, you will sleep better at night and your productivity will increase! We love you sun!

Tip 12 “Invest in the tools you need”  Having a reliable internet connection is for sure an important part or working remotely, but not the only one when it comes to #technology. Invest in the tools you'll use: a pair of Noise-Cancelling headphones, a 2nd screen or even a very comfortable mouse pad.