Video Conference tips

Video Conference tips

5 fundamental tips from MQS for any video conferencing or meeting in pandemic times!

Tip 1 “Test your camera”  A part of #WFH is attending audio or videoconference calls. When joining a video call, test your camera and audio ahead of time. Before the meeting, open your computer video app and check the camera works properly and what you see behind you.

Tip 2 “Be on time for meetings”  Time is precious for everyone, let's be mindful about that. When attending a #videocall, be on time. Check your schedule in the morning to know the meetings of the day. If you'll be late for one, let the organizer know if possible. They'll appreciate it.

Tip 3 “Mute yourself”  While on an audio or videoconference, if you are not speaking, mute yourself. Don't let your dog barking (or any other sound coming from your end) distract the attention of the meeting.

Tip 4 “Don’t eat/drink on a call”  Don't drink or eat during a #ConferenceCall. Maybe you were having a coffee and you could drink a few sips while muted, but eating and drinking on a conference call can be maddening. Have your snack before and give the meeting your full attention.

Tip 5 “Dress appropriately”  Do dress appropriately, at least from the waist up. It is a good practice to get ready in the morning, with work-appropriate attire even if you don't have anything scheduled that day, because when #WFH, you could be asked to jump on a call at any point.