Productivity tips - Let’s get it done!!!

Productivity tips - Let’s get it done!!!

Our Salesforce Manager Barbara Blackaller creates this article about productivity. Please enjoy it!

Hi there,
Don’t you hate that feeling at the end of the day of having wasted the time or not having accomplished what you wanted?
If you feel like the super busy guy in that Argentinian tv commercial, (the one about an online payments website, that shows a really busy guy during his morning coffee, he is in the kitchen with his laptop, and the narrator says: “he is the busiest man of the world,…, he is so busy he can’t wait for the microwave to finish (heating his coffee)” LOL), then you need to take a deep breath and relax for a moment.

Here are some tips to help you out with those busy days:
* The most productive way to start your day: Review your list of goals. If you don’t have one, make one right now ! List the major goals you want to accomplish in the next few months. Then read your list every morning and make sure the activities you do every day help you achieve those goals.

* The 2 minute rule: Never postpone a task you can complete in 2 minutes or less. When a new task comes up, analyze it and if it would take just 2 minutes to complete, do it now.

* Organize your inbox to keep it “young and fresh”. Begin with an empty inbox: 1) Create 3 folders based on email urgency: a) Urgent, b) Medium Priority and c) Low Priority. 2) Every day, when you go through your inbox for the first time, move the emails to you “Low priority” folder. 3) Go to the “Low Priority” folder and read every unread mail. But don’t reply. Write down to-do notes for the most important emails you need to do today. 4) After you go through all the emails, move them to the other 2 folders accordingly. 5) Answer all urgent emails, then move on to the lesser priority ones.

* Use Checklists: If you happen to have repetitive tasks, take the time to write a checklist for each one. It will help you streamline your workflow and ensure you don’t forget important things.

* Wander from time to time: Our brain needs a break every once in a while, and by letting our mind wander during the day (not the entire day of course) will help us maintain a high level of productivity. Unplug yourself at least once a day, and wander. You might surprise yourself with how creative you are!

* Small Innovations: We’re not always able to make that big change we want to, but what if you make small improvements to processes, workflows, repetitive tasks, etc.? It’s more effective to go towards achieving goals in small increments.
There are hundreds of productivity tips and systems out there; you just have to make sure to adopt those that work better for you.
I personally really like the 2-minute rule and checklists. Do you know or use other techniques? Awesome! Let’s get things done!!