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Salesforce  Consulting

In the new age of the 4th industrial revolution, our Salesforce consulting team can help you maximize the power of Salesforce, the #1 CRM Solution, by streamlining and automating business processes to effectively and efficiently succeed in a competitive market.

Salesforce  Development

Design and development of personalized, integrated and powerful solutions for your needs. Companies using Salesforce Platform are able to quickly get custom solutions and apps all within the cloud and accesible to manage from anywhere.
Custom mobile applications | Integrations using APIs | Business process autiomation

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce future releases will include Lightning-only capabilities. Get the most of the new features and innovations from Salesforce by switching to Lightning, and keep your company's CRM updated.


Isaac Malamud

CEO & Founder

Jair Tabares Pebani

CIO & Founder

Barbara Blackaller

Salesforce Director

Mariano  Boezio

Senior Salesforce Developer